Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Not only that.We all are better together

Just read an article published by Darkreading "Better Together: Why Cyber Security Vendors Are Teaming Up".

I always believe that one cannot fight cybercrime alone.

Cybercrimes are organized crime. We all know that there are organized crimes have gone "cyber" for quite some times. They evolve. We must too.

If those bad guys can team up to launch a cyber attack. The vendors are teaming up too, then why can't we - Cyber security representatives of our company - team up to defense ourselves? Start by sharing info, intel and  experiences in mitigating attacks.

If some of us are worried about  disclosing "weaknesses" to competitors, then start with a closed group, for example, amongst "Top 10 public listed companies" in XXX country. Of course it could be that at first few initial meetings, no one would really share a very detailed info but over the time when trust has been built amongst the members, more info and details would flow in.

Most of us security folks are trained to be skeptical and careful in trusting people, but in the matter of countering cybercrimes, I don't think we have much choice there. We have to learn to trust, give and take.

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