Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Hack in the Box Amsterdam 2013

Today marks the end of the first part - Tech Training. Yesterday was a pretty smooth but today was a different story.

The "TECH TRAINING 6 – RECENT ADVANCES IN IPV6 INSECURITIES" guys were trying to prove their points and they did succeed, few times in fact. Therefore, the network was unstable almost the whole day and at some points, not working at all. The Wifi APs suffered as well. Nevertheless, the network team did try their best to manage it.
Yes. That's the routers.

However, I was informed that the exploited vulnerability (buffer overflow) is not something that they can just fix it on the fly (they would if they could) as it is on a third party's software, something that they don't have control. I was also tipped that Marc (the trainer) will tell more soon.. so, stay tuned to his site - thc.org
Tomorrow is the most important day. It is the official opening of HITB AMS 2013 Security Conference, and the keynote speaker is the CISO of RSA, Edward Schwartz.Keynote speaker for the second day is Bob Lord, CISO of Twitter.

BTW, we are still setting it up.....

Gateway to ComSec Village