Saturday, January 18, 2014

What's coming in 2014?

What's coming to information security world in 2014?

These are my views:
1. Malware will be for profit. No longer about fun.It will be harder to track who is behind it.
2. Cryptolockers or alike will go mainstream.
4. Demand for digital/IT forensic will go up.
5. More providers will enhance their services offering with encryption to respond to NSA's spying activities.
6. Companies and government organisations will collaborate more to fight cybercrimes. More join announcements will be made on successful take-downs of botnet or cybercrime networks.
7. Windows XP end of live will have a high impact and will directly contribute to higher botnet activities. The bad guys are holding their cards now, waiting for the right time to swallow their preys once XP is left orphaned.
8. More malware will target Android devices. I won't be surprised if Cryptolocker invades Android soon (if it does not already did that).
9. Data breaches will continue to rise. We will see more data breaches of big retail or non IT services companies.
10. Big Data will be one of the hot topics discussed.  

What's yours?

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